Industry 4.0 & AI

Fully automated processes, inter-system communication and data exchange, and predictive analytics are become the technological gold status, resulting in peaking efficiencies, minimized maintenance and down time, and revolutionary optimization with regards to various cost factors of the supply chain and manufacturing process.

At TECHHOUSE we are working with leading specialists who have successfully implemented key technologies for Industry 4.0 transformation, such as artificial intelligence, IoT-tech, machine learning, cloud systems, cyber security, or adaptive robotics, into organizations ranging from production-focused SMEs to globally operating cross-industry MNCs.


Focus – Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Across all industries manufacturing plants and factories processes are struggling with challenges like supply chain bottlenecks, unexpected failure of machinery and equipment, or inadequate and faulty demand and capacity forecasting. These issues will result in longer production periods, lower return on production input, increased resource wastage, and will negatively impact the company economically and result in lost revenue.

With the tremendous efficiency gains that Artificial Intelligence technologies can provide, AI is already acting as a game-changer across industrial sectors.

Having found application throughout various industrial settings, the technology is a powerful tool for predictive maintenance, strengthening the input of for IT and OT infrastructures, while simultaneously improving overall optimization of production

As an additional advantage, due to the high focus on industrial processes, the implementation and innovation in this technological field can be consigned with measurable gains in production time, output, and various other benefits, allowing organizations to see the return on a respective investment.

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