Cybersecurity and Defense

The best in the Business

The revolution of digital interconnectivity, smart devices and infrastructure, has also created the necessity for organizations to protect themselves from cyber-crime and attacks from the digital world. No industry or company can exclude itself from the potentially devastating effects of targeted cyber-crime, that can result in theft of highly sensible data, loss of public reputation and eventually in the total breakdown of business operations. Over recent years, the costs connected to criminal cyber-activities has exponentially increased, reaching as much as $600 billion – with the dark figure being estimated to exceed reported damages by far – and creating a true challenge for all types of organizations across all industries, geographic locations, and sizes.

Together with our experienced partners and innovators from SOSA HLSTech we are dipping into an incomparable international network of experts and knowledge, reaching from Tel Aviv to New York City, which is using military-grade technologies and protective solutions, that are already applied for securing government institutions, high-risk industrial sites and its OT and IT infrastructure, military communication, counter terrorism and transfer of highly-sensible data.

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