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What we do for Startups

Innovation can take on various forms, but one manifestation that has disrupted various industries and changed the game, is the creation of a vision, product, or approach, that is challenging the status-quo of existing players in the market, and is turning their world upside down. However, to develop an idea or small business into a global player, young companies need various forms of support, to take their business to the next level – and that is where we come into play…


Taking a young company to the next level is never easy and a lack of infrastructure, financial and human resources are just some potential show stoppers for growth. With our international network of experts, industry partners and investors, we do not only give entrepreneurs access to the resources they need to drive their vision forward, but also create synergies and benefits for established organizational structures.

Corporate CoCreation & Industry Partnerships

Challenges within a specific industry sector can be very specific and niche-focused. Nevertheless, a solution can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s values chain and overall strategic direction. Working hand in hand and joining forces with an industry partner can oftentimes be a win-win scenario for both sides – start up and corporate. While the start up gets access to resources and know how, the corporate has the opportunity to implement new perspectives and approaches to its innovation process, while simultaneously adding to its existing competencies.


Our international ecosystem of vc-veterans, industry partners and accelerator funds can give a young company the opportunity to develop to its full potential, scale fast and enter new markets. Through the diverse make up of our capital partners, we are able to support various stages of company growth, from seed to later stage.