No innovation, without impact!


No innovation, without impact!

Over the last years corporates across various industries and company sizes have attempted to drive their internal innovation processes through various vehicles like accelerators, startup collaborations, intrapreneurship programs or by setting up corporate venture funds to infuse the traditional organization with the “magic juice” of innovation.

The hope has been that by simply setting up one of these vehicles – without preparing one’s organization internally and carefully defining goals, performance indicators, and strategies to reach these goals, disruptive and ground-braking results are just going to roll in on their own – a myth, that by know and millions spent later, has been disproven.

Although all of the various approaches to innovation are highly legitimate, their executing and end result is what counts. Simply put in one word: IMPACT.


Innovation Project Life Cycle


Impact above all

Don’t get me wrong, we also hadn’t it figured out and molded to perfection when we started our journey together with the Blue Minds Company around six years ago. However, after pooling our experiences and also integrating know-how from success stories, as well as failures, from all over the world, we know that innovation without impact is, to put it bluntly, “useless”.

Having said that, we also know that the road to success is a rocky one, and that there always is potential for setbacks and failure along the way. This success which leads to added value needs to be quantified. Thus, we try to anticipate challenges by closely monitoring performance through our customizable KPI-Tracker along the entire project life cycle.

All our efforts strive towards the goal of creating positive impact for our partners and the corresponding ecosystem – meaning, our work has to make a difference, that can be measured through predetermined KPIs along the entirety of our so called TECHHOUSE Innovation Project Life Cycle (InnoPLC).


Taking on the Challenge – From Concept to Execution

During this process, we go from an in-depth analysis of the partner’s current status quo and identifying technological challenges, followed by a detailed project framing, road-mapping and the establishment of customized KPI-Tracker for the entire project or a data strategy, to executing the project together with a high-tech partner from our international network.


Measure your Impact

During the first conceptual and strategic stages of the InnoPLC, we put a special emphasis on putting together the customized TECHHOUSE KPI-Tracker, that provides transparency on the current status of a project, but also enables all stakeholders to measure and identify the impact and value of the project – no matter if the content’s nature is qualitative or easily quantifiable.


Innovation Project Life Cycle Timeline


International High-Tech

To be able to not only deliver top-quality conceptual work, but also create best-in-class high-tech solutions, we are working with globally leading technology partners from all around the world, that have proven their expertise in highly complex areas such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, additive manufacturing, or big data transformation.

However, the simple existence of this highly valuable network is not bringing any traction to the organization. To create exactly that, we don’t leave a project after identifying the right high-tech partner from our network, but maneuver through and coordinate the complex execution of the collaboration between the high-tech partner on the one hand, and the corporate partner on the other, as the project owner.

In that way, we do not only ensure the constant tracking of the established performance indicators, but also de-complexify the project for our partners.

At the end of this cycle stands exactly one thing: Positive impact for our partners.


TECHHOUSE Innovation Project Life Cycle:

1. Stage: Readiness Heatmap
In-depth analysis out the current status-quo and examination of company challenges

2. Stage: Opportunity Scan & Outlook
Detailed project framing, dynamic roadmap creation, KPI establishment and constant tracking of these indicators along the project

3. Stage: International High-Tech Network Application
Choosing the right best-in-class technology partner

4. Stage: Solution Builder
Project execution with tech- and corporate partner

5. Stage: Scale-Up Enabler
Solution Rollout and Scaling (MVP)



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