Let’s build something together!

Whoever aimed at building something new, something from scratch, may it be a house, a company, or new business model, knows: It is highly complex, and a million things can go wrong…

Lucky are those, that have support, someone by their side. Someone who helps them turn their vision into reality, someone who plans, designs and oversees the process. Someone that works with them through the good times and the bad times – an architect.

A good architect supports you from concept and design to the full realization of your project:

From defining and planning what the project should look like once it is finished, to selecting the right talents, craftsmen, and experts that are needed to get the job done. At the same time, architects make sure that all parties involved are smoothly working together, while closely monitoring their work to ensure that the project is finished on time and at a state-of-the-art quality. The role of an architect is to bring together the creative ideas and visions of the client and keep in mind the needs of those that will be using the new space.

We are Architects of Digital Transformation

We lead the process of creating functional digital transformation with impact, from concept and ideas to a full realization of the solutions.

We work with our partners from start to finish of a project, and help them maneuver through the complex challenges ahead – the only difference being, that our projects are high-tech solutions, digital platforms, measuring impact, or startup incubators, our tools are KPI Trackers or Technology Project Roadmaps, and our craftsmen are not only our internal team, but also our international best-in-class high-tech teams in areas like artificial intelligence, big data, robotics, or blockchain.

Innovation – Impact – Responsibility are what drives us

Why do we go to work every single day and love what we do? The answer is rather simple: We aim at making our partners better.

We believe that by supporting companies, organizations, and people we work with, we create positive impact for the economy, our society, and the world around us, every single project at a time.

We are TECHHOUSE – Let’s build something together!