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House for sustainable innovation
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What offers

Business models with impact through innovation consulting

Impact.House supports you to define, execute, and measure your goals around sustainability. Through impact measurement Impact.House enables you to make the output of your sustainability efforts quantifiable – we connect high-tech and sustainability goals through modern technologies.

We truly believe that the link between sustainability and economic success will only increase in the future: So why not develop innovations that on the one hand positively influence our environment and society, and on the other hand also contribute significantly to the economic success of your company?

Let’s take this journey together!

We transform pure profit seeking into social and ecologic benefit. We use impact tracking to achieve measurability and transparent reporting.

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Impact measurement & reporting (impact tracker)

How do I measure the impact of my sustainability efforts? Our impact tracker allows you to measure your activities, providing measurable and tangible results showing which initiatives have created an impact.

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Support of your organisational and business model development

Integrate new innovative approaches in your sustainability strategy and put your trust into the right technologies and business models. Our team supports you from concept to rollout and engages the entire enterprise on a cultural level

Icon Nachhaltige Innovations-Strategieberatung

Sustainable innovation strategy

Let’s draw your roadmap for a sustainable future together and establish goals and strategies to turn sustainability into an integral part of your company’s mission.

Conceptualisation of new products and services

Together we create innovative products and services, that not only support your sustainability goals, but also make this a core business unit with economic relevance

Make innovation measurable through TECHHOUSE Impact Tracking

Only facts create knowledge
It is our job to support companies in their holistic innovation and sustainability strategy: In this process it very quickly becomes apparent that the actual impact of the project must be quantified. How can you otherwise claim to create benefits through innovation and sustainability efforts?

Quantify your innovation impact
Traditional measuring tools, KPIs, and control metrics can give inadequate indications of the sustainable impact of an organization. The challenge is that the requirements of measuring innovation impact and sustainability are fundamentally different than traditional control systems. Therefore, new methods of impact analysis have to be introduced.

Clear outcome and big picture
With you, we define both a clear, precise, and agreed-upon impact goal for the project in question, as well as the effect the project should have on the bigger picture in the long run. Furthermore, we develop a customized “Theory of Change”, define a monitoring & evaluation system and set up the reporting. We are also happy to empower your employees to become pioneers in impact measurement.

Current references


Definition of the challenge with the partner, scouting of international participants, experts and mentors, as well as support oft he participating teams after the hackathon.


Digital Innovation Hub INNOVATE

NNOVATE is one of 6 Digital Innovation Hubs supported by Austria’s  FFG.



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