3rd Think Tank in Life Sciences


"The best ideas are driven by pain"

After more than a year of pandemic restrictions, we had the pleasure of hosting one of our first offline events in 2021 at the rooftop of the newly opened Unicorn Graz in cooperation with the Know-Center, BioNanoNet Forschungsgesellschaft, Human.technology Styria and Ideentriebwerk. Squeaking roll-ups and one or the other operating difficulty in the technology revealed how quickly even common practice can be unlearned, but ensured a relaxed start during the 3rd Think Tank in Life Sciences.

A unique sense of calm spreads as Urška Jez from TECHHOUSE welcomes the guests and introduces Michal Lagan’s presentation.
The Head of IOT at Magenta Telekom starts his lecture with a quote: “The Internet of Things market is like the ocean. It’s not the question if there is enough water available for everyone, it’s the HOW we can skim the water off it.” But how?




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